Introduction of new FTTH approach – pre-terminated cables with LC-Pull&Go®

For quick installation Jetting (Blowing)-, pull- or push-installation in FTTH applications.
Background: The use of pre-terminated cables generally saves time and cost. For easy and fast connection between the BEP and the ONT we propose a full pre-terminated assembly unit incl. the ONT panel. The assemble can be blown-in pulled or pushed from one side in one piece within minutes. Available in the appropriate length, up to 140m.The special connector housing to simply click on after the installation.
Benefit: Time & Cost Saving, no splicing and comprehensive testing is required after the installation

The connectors LC-Pull&Go® and SC-Pull&Go® connectors are the core elements of the innovative FTTH pre-term-solution. Their detachable housing makes it possible to pre-terminate the fibre optic cable and mount the housing after pulling, pushing of blow-in the cable assembly.

The cable Assembly-Set consists of the following components

  • Novobit ONT Module pre-connected
  • FTTH BrightCore® Ø2.5mm cable, with e.g. G.657.A1 fibres. Variants with 2 or 4 fibres
  • End-A: LC-Pull&Go® or SC-Pull&Go® with protected ferules ready to blow-in or push/pull
    through the micro-duct. / connectors are possible.
  • Option: Both Ends pre-terminated

  • Ø10/6mm recommended for 4 fibres / connectors
  • Ø7/4mm recommended for 2 fibres / connectors

Qualification & Performance of the LC-Pull&Go® pre-terminated cable assembly

The performance of Novobit’s solution has been validated by a recognised certification lab in Germany and features the following performance data:

  • Injection length with air pressure: >144m
  • Injection length without air pressure:>30m
  • Injection speed 4 fibres/connectors:80m/min
  • Injection speed 2 fibres/connectors:120m/min

In all test series the cable could completely be reeled of. The difficulty of the test duct section was medium-high and the cable could be blown out in one piece without any problems. The cable printing was still clearly legible afterwards.

Blowing parameters: 2 fibres / connectors 4 fibres / connectors
Air pressure 4…5bar 2…3bar
Thrust/contact pressure 20N/69% 20N / 69%
Duct temperature 24°C 21°C