This outdoor cable family is suitable aerial, burial and duct installations and designed for a long term application in the field. The cable consists of 6 fiber microbundles, which are easily strippable. FRP elements in outer HDPE sheath and kevlar or glass yarn provide excellent mechanical performance.

– Microbundles with 6 fibers each
– Aramid or Glass yarn
– Water blocking tape
– HDPE Outer jacket with FRP

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Product number Name No. of tubes No. of fibers Diameter (mm)
12/NFC975H10/x Microbundle 12f 2 12 7.5
24/NFC990H10/x Microbundle 24f 4 24 9.0
36/NFC990H10/x Microbundle 36f 6 36 9.0
48/NFC990H10/x Microbundle 48f 8 48 9.0
48/NFC911H10/x Microbundle 72f 10 72 11.0