Novobit’s BrightCore® FTTH EasyPush Cable (in accordance to IEC 60794) is developed for optimizing installation by blowing or pushing. The cables have high tensile strength with double strength members made from FRP. These FTTH indoor cables contain up to 4 colored optical bar fibers (250μm) and a jacket made from a special flame-retardant LSZH.

– 2 FRP Strength Member
– Up to 4 fibers

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Part No. Description No. oftubes No. offibers Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/km) Tensile(N) Crush (N/dm)
NFC09FL06-F2 BrightCore® EasyPush, 2f 2 2.1 3.5 75 1000
NFC09FL06-F4 BrightCore® EasyPush, 4f 4 2.1 4.0 75 1000
NFC09FL06-F4-O BrightCore® EasyPush, 4f Oval 4 2.0X2.4 4.5 75 1000