Novobit’s BrightCore® FTTH EasyPull Drop Cables with FRP are suitable for fast installations and designed for long-term application in the field. The cable consists of up to four fibers in an inner tube that is easily strippable by bare fingers. The FRP elements in outer LSZH sheath together with aramid yarn provides excellent mechanical performance for harsh environments, with high tensile and crush strength.

– 900µm tube with up to 4 fibers (250μm)
– Aramid yarn
– LSZH jacket with 2 FRP

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Part No. Description No. oftubes No. offibers Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/km) Tensile(N) Crush (N/dm)
NFC09FL05-F1 FTTH FRP 1f 1 2.0×2.4 900 4.5 100 1000
NFC09FL05-F2 FTTH FRP 2f 2 2.0×2.4 900 4.5 100 1000
NFC09FL05-F4 FTTH FRP 4f 4 2.0×2.4 900 4.5 100 1000