Novobit’s BrightCore® FTTH Indoor EasyPull Cable (in accordance to IEC 60794) is developed for optimizing installation by pulling. The cables have high tensile strength with one central strength member made from FRP and additional aramid yarns, which are also used as rip cords for a quick and easy removal the outer jacket and accessing the fibers. These oval FTTH indoor cables contain up to 4 colored optical fibers and jacket is made from flame retardant LSZH. (Can also be produced with round construction on request)

– CSM made by FRP
– Up to 4 fibers
– Aramid yarn
– LSZH coating

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Product Number Name No. of fibers Diameter (mm)
2/NFC424L0BP/x BrightCore®EasyPull, 2f 2 2.0×2.4
4/NFC424L0BP/x BrightCore®EasyPull, 4f 4 2.0×2.4