An MPO/MTP breakout cable with 12f subunits

Novobit’s MicroCore cable for datacenters, consist up to 8 subunits with 12 optical bare fibers in each subunit. Each subunit is strain-relieved with aramid yarn and additional protection is provided by the LSZH jacket, for simple break-out into 3mm cables with 12 fibers each. Ideal for MPO/MTP harness/breakout or other assemblies in a datacenter.

– FRP central strength member
– up to 8 x 12 bare fibers (250µm) in a tube with Aramid yarn and LSZH jacket
– Wrap tape and rip cords
– LSZH outer jacket

From 9.0mm (24f) up to 13.5mm (96f)

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