Novobit’s universal spiral steel armor Duplex Cable is designed for high mechanical unprotected environments. The cable consists of 2 simplex cables joined with a thin web. The simplex cables have tight-buffered fibers with 0.9mm diameter, protected by spiral steel armor, metal braid and Kevlar. The outer jackets are made of a UV resistant LSZH material for both indoor and outdoor use.

– 2 x 600µm (/2 x 900µm) tube with 1 fiber each
– 2 x Spiral Steel armor
– 2 x Metal braid and Kevlar
– 2 x UV resistant LSZH jacket

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Part No. Description No. of tubes No. of fibers Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/km) Tensile(N) Crush (N/dm)
NFC03CU02-2.5 Duplex Steel 2.5mm 2 2 2.5×5.1 30 2×200 3500
NFC03CU02-2.8 Duplex Steel 2.8mm 2 2 2.8×5.7 34 2×200 3500