Pre-terminated fan-outs simplify installations in field and Novobit can provide and assemble with any type of configuration on the connector side, eliminating the need for splicing. Available Connectors for Fan-Out assemblies are:
– e2000
– LC
– SC
– FC
– ST

Novobit can on the assembly provide a selection of dividers depending on the form factor and the amount of fibers (up to 48 fibers), with 600µm or 900µm tube, ensuring full protection of the fan-out in combination with our pulling aids and packaging systems.

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Max qty of fibers Divider shape Dimension (mm) Max Diameter of Fan-Out (mm) Max Diameter of Cable (mm) Material
12 Square 30x24x10 1.7 6.5 Steel
24 Square 40x24x10.5 1.7 4.0 Plastic
24 Square 35x15x7.3 0.9 2.8/4.0 Steel
24 Round ø10×36 0.9 2.8/4.0 Plastic
24 Round ø20×46 (2 x M20x1.5) 1.7 4.0 Steel
24 Round ø19×46 1.7 2.8/4.0 Steel
48 Round ø24×46 (2 x M20x1.5) 1.7 12 Steel