Novobit’s outdoor microduct cables with a central tube are designed with an outer HDPE layer for outdoor environment and an inner LSZH layer with aramid yarn for indoor environment enabling a fast and flexible deployment where the same cable can continue within the building with a simple removal of the outer jacket, avoiding unnecessary splicing

– 900µm tube with up to 4 fibers
– LSZH primary jacket with aramid yarn and FRP
– Aramid yarn
– HDPE secondary jacket

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Product number Name No. of tubes No. of fibers Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/km)
1/NFC320.01/x mDUCT Outdoor, 1f 1 1 4.5 20
2/NFC320.01/x mDUCT Outdoor, 2f 1 2 4.5 20
4/NFC320.01/x mDUCT Outdoor, 4f 1 4 4.5 20