The LC/SC-Pull&Go® are connectors for optimizing work processes when installing fiber optic cables of up to 24 fibers. The application can be made with outdoor and indoor cables.
The optical components of the LC/SC-Pull&Go® are pre-installed and ground as UPC or APC versions.
After the cable has been pulled in, pushed in, or blown-in, the connector housing and the locking device will be installed. Splicing of a few fibers at different locations becomes obsolete.
The connectors are available in LC spring-loaded, LC unspring-loaded, and SC spring-loaded versions.

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• Comply with the standards for
LC-Pull&Go® connector: IEC 61754-20
SC-Pull&Go® connector: IEC 61754-4
• High-quality ceramic ferrules
• Mating cycles 500
• For SM-fibres 250µm and 200µm
• For fixed fibers 600µm and 900µm