The Novobit Uniboot connector with push-pull mechanism and polarity flipping without tools is inter-mateable with all standard LC Duplex adaptors. It possesses clear markings to easily differentiate polarity A-A and A-B. Assembled with our Data Center BrightCore® duplex cable, Novobit is able to offer ultra-thin LC Uniboot duplex patch cords (uni-construction) with only 1.4mm cable diameter. The reduction in cable diameter allows for improved air circulation and accessibility. The LC Uniboot connector is tunable and available in single-mode and Multimode.

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The LC Uniboot connector is equipped with an
extended, rigid lever and an innovative push-pull mechanism. The connector has the following main features:
Push-pull mechanism: easy patching even in highest-
density packaging
• Polarity flipping without any tools
• Tuneable connectors: ensure excellent optical performances
• For cables of 1.4 mm to 2.4 mm diameters
• Horizontal sliding connectors: compatible to standard and mini LC adaptors or transceivers
• Sophisticated design for easy termination

Novobit 30-degree step tuning

The ferrule can be positioned into 12 different positions offering 30° step tuning. This unique patented process and product enables Novobit to supply grade A connectors.

The Novobit LC Uniboot connector-kit meets category E for extreme environment and may be used between -40 and +85°C.The LC Uniboot connector available in single-mode (PC and APC) and multi-mode. It and meets international standards IEC 61754-20 / TIA 604-10 and RoHS/REACH compliant. All LC assemblies are compliant to performance standards IEC-61753, IEC 61754-4, IEC 61755-3-1.

Connector Simplex Duplex SM MM Grade
LC-U/APC A, B or C
LC-U/UPC A, B or C
LC-U/PC A, B, C (SM) & B, C (MM)