TheELiMENT™ MDC connector ofUS Conec is a Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) duplex optical connector designed for termination of Multi-mode and Single-mode fiber cables up to 2.0mm in diameter. The MDC connector is manufactured with proven 1.25mm ferrule technology used in industry-standard LC optical connectors, meeting 61753-1 Grade B insertion loss requirements.

• Two 1.25mm ferrules in one connector housing
• Push-pull boot for connector insertion and extraction
• Simple polarity reversal with no exposed fibers
• Meets IEC 61753-1 Grade B insertion loss requirements
• Telcordia GR-326 and TIA-568 compliant
• Designed for cables up to 2.0mm OD
• MM, SM and SM APC available
• 3x fiber cabling density over LC

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Quick and Simple Polarity Reversal

The polarity reversal of the MDC connector is effortless and does not expose or twist delicate fibers during the process. To change polarity, pull the boot from the connector housing, rotate the boot 180 degrees, and reassemble the boot assembly back onto the connector housing. Polarity marks on the top and side of the connector provide notification of reversed connector polarity.

Backward Compatible Adapters

2-port and 3-port adapters designed to fit through the same panel cutout defined for duplex LCadapters, allowing an instant 2x or 3x of the current module/panel connector density by simply removing the LCduplex adapters and installing the MDC adapters.