Novobit’s Dry-Core Cables are designed with 5 dry tubes (12 fibers each and filler elements) around a central strength member and a dry-core with water-blocking tape and water-blocking aramid yarn as swellable elements. It is contained by an outer HDPE jacket, or alternatively, a flame-retardant LSZH with UV-resistance for outdoor and indoor deployment and a rip cord for easy access of the tubes. It has a slim design, with only 6,5mm in outer diameter and with up to 60 fibers.

– FRP as Central Strength Member
– Up to 5 tubes with 12 fibers each + filling tubes
– Water-blocking aramid yarn and tape
– HDPE or UV resistant LSZH jacket and a rip-cord

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Product number Name No. of tubes No. of fibers Diameter (mm)
48/NFC965U02/x mDUCT_5 Universal, 48f 4+1 48 6.5
60/NFC965U02/x mDUCT_5 Universal, 60f 5 60 6.5
48/NFC965H02/x mDUCT_5 HDPE, 48f 4+1 48 6.5
60/NFC965H02/x mDUCT_5 HDPE, 60f 5 60 6.5