MTP is a result of the cooperation between Corning and Fujikura under the name USConec. It is a further development of the MPO connector with better strain relief and tougher mechanics. Both are compatible, due to similar optical and mechanical interfaces.
Novobit assembles USConec MTP (Standard and Elite) connectors. All products meet international standards IEC 61754-5 / TIA 604-5 as well as being RoHS/REACH compliant. Performance standards IEC-61753, IEC 61754-7, IEC 61755-3-4, IEC 61300-3-31 (12 fiber version only)
• MTP male (with pins) or MTP female (no pins)
• Color codes: yellow (SM), aqua (OM3), heather violet (OM4), lime green (OM5)

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Connector IL [dB] 50% IL [dB] 97% RL [dB] Singlemode RL [dB] Multimode
MT Standard ≤0.50 (SM)≤0.45 (MM) ≤0.25 (SM) ≤0.2 (MM) ≥60 (SM) ≥25 (MM)
MT Elite ≤0.25 (SM/MM) ≤0.12 (SM/MM) ≥60 (SM) ≥25 (MM)