Also available as rodent protected universal cable

Novobit’s Mini Break-Out Cable with CPR class of performance B2ca-s1,d0,a1 is designed with its central strength element for FTTH vertical cabling and in central offices/data centers to connect network devices to optical distribution frames. Its compact design makes it is easy to install, and where space is limited it is a perfect solution. The cables consist of up to 24 fibers, surrounded by aramid yarn and a LSZH outer jacket.

– Central strength element
– Up to 24 tubes with 1 tight buffer fiber
– Aramid yarn
– LSZH coating

This cable is also available as rodent protected universal cable with glass yarn and UV resistant LSZH.

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Product Number Name No. of fibers Diameter (mm)
4/NFC628L01/x Riser (MBO), 4f 4 2.8
8/NFC665L01/x Riser (MBO), 8f 8 6.5
12/NFC665L01/x Riser (MBO), 12f 12 6.5
24/NFC685L01/x Riser (MBO), 24f 24 8.5