Because of its excellent performance, the SC-connector with 2,5mm ceramic ferrules and snap (push-pull) coupling is one of the most commonly used in many Telecom and Datacom applications. It is ideally suited for Datacom and Telecom applications including point to point and passive optical networking. Novobit SC connectors meet international standards IEC 61754-4 / TIA 604-3 and are RoHS/REACH compliant.
For Single-Mode Novobit, with its patented 12-step tuning process, together with 30 degree tunable connectors, offers grade A, B, and C and for Multimode grade B and M.

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Connector Simplex Duplex SM MM Grade

A, B or C

A, B or C
SC/PC A, B, C (SM) & B, C (MM)