Novobit’s Simplex Cable, CPR class of performance B2ca-s2,d0,a1 is designed for pigtail and patchcord applications. A tight-buffered fiber with a 0,9mm (0,6mm as option) outer diameter, aramid yarn for strain relief and a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket.

– 900µm tube with 1 fiber
– Aramid yarn
– LSZH jacket

Additional simplex cables with customized diameters can be delivered, please contact us at info@novobittest.ch for further information.

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Product Number Name No. of fibers Diameter (mm)
1/NFC114L01/x SX 1.4mm 1 1.4
1/NFC117L01/x SX 1.7mm 1 1.7
1/NFC120L01/x SX 2.0mm 1 2.0
1/NFC124L01/x SX 2.4mm 1 2.4
1/NFC128L01/x SX 2.8mm 1 2.8