Novobit’s Uniboot Datacenter Duplex cable is designed to be used with Senko and SeikohGiken LC Uniboot connectors (2.0mm or 3.0mm boot) as patchcords or pigtails for high-density applications where space is tight, as in data centers or in distribution frames routing optical cables. A 900µm tube with 2 fibers, aramid yarn for strain relief and a Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket.

– 900µm tube with 2 fibers
– Aramid yarn
– LSZH jacket

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Part No. Description No. oftubes No. offibers Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/km) Tensile(N) Crush (N/dm)
NFC05AL01-2 Datacenter Duplex, 2.0 1 2 2.0 3.0 100 200
NFC05AL01-3 Datacenter Duplex, 3.0 1 2 3.0 4.5 200 250