Fan-out Assemblies

Pre-terminated fan-outs simplify installations in field. Novobit can provide and assemble any type of configuration on the connector side, eliminating the need for splicing.
Fan-out assemblies are available with all of the connectors in Novobit’s portfolio, as well as with Senko, SeikohGiken, US Conec or R&M’s connectors.
Novobit can provide a selection of dividers depending on the form factor and the amount of fibers (up to 48 fibers), with 600µm or 900µm tube, ensuring full protection of the fan-out in combination with our pulling aids and packaging systems.

24f. Ø 900μm 12f. Ø 1.8mm 24f. Ø1.8mm 48f. Ø 1.8mm
Dimensions housing:
Ø 10*36mm
Material: Plastic
Cable diameter: 2.8mm
Capacity: 24 x Ø0.9 mm
Dimensions housing:
Material: Steel
Cable diameter: 6.5mm
Capacity: 12x Ø1.8mm
Dimensions housing: Ø 20*66.5mm
Material: Steel
Cable diameter: 9mm
Capacity: 24 x Ø1.8mm
Dimensions housing: Ø 24*65mm
Material: Steel
Cable diameter: 12mm
Capacity: 48 x Ø1.8mm