Also available as universal cable
Novobit’s Break-Out 1.7 Cable with a rugged construction is designed for datacenters. The cables consist of up to 12 simplex cables (1,7mm), each with its own jacket and strain-relieved with aramid yarn. Helically stranded around a central strength member, and unified in a single cable by a second outer jacket. LSZH are used both for single cable jackets and the outer jacket.

– Central Strength Member
– Up to 12 x 1.7mm Simplex cables
– LSZH jacket

This cable is also available as universal cable with UV resistant LSZH.

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Product Number Name No. of tubes No. of fibers Diameter (mm)
4/NFC517L01/x Break-Out, 4f (1,7mm) 4 4 6.6
8/NFC517L01/x Break-Out, 8f (1,7mm) 8 8 8.8
12/NFC517L01/x Break-Out, 12f (1,7mm) 12 12 10.2