Novobit’s innovative BrightCore® Break-Out Cables are constructed with up to 24 individual simplex BrightCore® cables with a diameter of 1.4 mm which are helically stranded around a non-metallic central strength element. With the BrightCore® cable construction the individual fibers do not need the protection of tubes (250 µm bare fiber) which makes the cable small-sized, compact and light. Each fiber is strain relived with aramid yarns. These breakout cables are designed especially for high-density applications with limited space such as in central offices and data centers.

– Central Strength Member
– Up to 24 x 1,4mm BrightCore® simplex cables
– Aramid yarn
– LSZH jacket

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Product Number Name No. of fibers Diameter (mm)
4/NFC560L0B/x BrightCore® Break-Out, 4f 4 6,0
8/NFC569L0B/x BrightCore® Break-Out, 8f 8 6,9
12/NFC590L0B/x BrightCore® Break-Out, 12f 12 9,0
24/NFC598L0B/x BrightCore® Break-Out, 24f 24 9,8