The LC Connector (developed by Lucent) with a 1.25mm ceramic ferrule and a snap (push-pull) coupling, is the most widely used SFF (Small Form Factor) connector in today’s Datacom networks and other high-density patch applications. Novobit is an official licensed LC manufacturer and meets international standards IEC 61754-20 / TIA 604-10, as well as being RoHS/REACH compliant.
Available with or without a duplex clip. http://lcalliance.net/licensees/licensees.asp

For Single-Mode Novobit, with its patented 12-step tuning process, together with 30 degree tunable connectors, offers grade A, B, and C and for Multimode grade B and M.

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Connector Simplex Duplex SM MM Grade

A, B or C

A, B or C
LC/PC A, B, C (SM) & B, C (MM)