The PLC principle is based upon a substrate in which a pattern is etched that divides light symmetrically. Novobit offers connectorized splitters from 1:4 up to 2:32, with low insertion loss, from 7,3dB (1×4) up to 18,8dB (2×32) and low PDL (≤0,3dB up to ≤0,45dB). Higher port volumes up to 128 ports can be achieved by cascading splitters.
The advantage of PLC splitters is their symmetrical quality and low loss differences per port. BPOB, GPON, GEPON and XPON networks require symmetrical splitters,. Analogue video overlay in P2P networks requires symmetrical splitters.
Novobit delivers splitters connectorized in DLX modules with connectors and adapters, optionally together with a 19” patch panel for installation in a 19” cabinet.

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