Novobit’s LC Adapters uses Zircona sleeves, and for Single Mode Novobit offers grade C, B and A with its patented 12-steps tuning process together with 30 degrees tunable connectors ensures excellent optical performances. For Multimode Novobit offers standard grade M quality and superior grade B quality for 40GbE and 100GbE solutions.

The LC Connector with a 1,25mm ceramic ferrule and a snap (push-pull) coupling, is the most used SFF (Small Form Factor) connector in today’s Telecom and Datacom networks. Novobit is an official licensed LC manufacturer (http://lcalliance.net/licensees/licensees.asp), and meet international standards IEC 61754-20 / TIA 604-10 as well as RoHS/REACH compliant.


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