Novobit’s Tight buffered fiber is designed for patch cables within distribution frames and termination boxes, where one or both ends of the cable are factory-connectorized. The fiber has a thermoplastic LSZH secondary layer above the primary coating, with either a 0.6mm or 0.9mm outer diameter.

– Fiber core
– Cladding
– 250µm primary coating
– 600µm or 900µm LSZH jacket

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Part No. Description No. of tubes No. of fibers Diameter (mm) Weight (kg/km) Tensile(N) Crush (N/dm)
NFC01NL02-0.6 Tight. 0.6mm 1 1 0.6 0.55 10 250
NFC01NL02-0.9 Tight. 0.9mm 1 1 0.9 0.9 10 500